Here I will post announcements for conferences and workshops where I will present my work or which are closely related to my dummy head research project:

  • Andreas Fickers and I are organizing a small workshop on “Histories and Practices of Multi-Channel Sound Technologies”. It will take place February 2-3, 2017 at the new Centre for Contemporary and Digital History, University of Luxembourg (for more details see here).
  • In October 2016, I will present an extended version of my “Testing Spatial Hearing”-paper at a follow-up workshop at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin.
  • In July 2016, I will present new findings on dummy head recording in radio and music studios at the annual ICOHTEC meeting in Porto. Together with Susan Schmidt Horning (New York) I have organized a sound technology session titled “Innovations and Mediations in the Technologies of Sound and Image: 1890s-1990s”. Here you can read the full session proposal.
  • In December 2015, I will present my research project to some editors and sound technicians at the Bavarian Broadcasting Studio (Bayrischer Rundfunk) in Munich.
  • In December 2015, I will present my first paper on the history of dummy head recording at the “Testing Hearing”-workshop at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin (December 4-5). The workshop is organized by Alexandra Hui (Mississippi State University), Mara Mills (NYU) and Viktoria Tkaczyk (MPIWG), you can read the call for papers here.
  • In September 2015, I will chair a session on “Engaging (with) the Senses: Historiographic, Ethnographic and Artistic Reflections on Studying Practical Knowledge” at the annual meeting of the German Society for the History of Medicine, Science and Technology (DGGMNT) in Berlin (September 25-27). There will be presentations by Anna Harris (Masstricht), Melissa Van Drie (Paris), Andreas Fickers (Luxembourg) and Aleks Kolkowski (London). The session includes a live recording session with an Edison phonograph!
  • In August 2015, I will receive ICOHTEC’s Maurice Daumas prize 2015 for the best article in the history of technology published in 2013/14. There will be a special session at ICOHTEC annual meeting in Tel Aviv (August 16-21).
  • Next week (June 4-5, 2015) I will present a paper at an eikones workshop in Basel under the title Designing Things – Engineering the Senses. This presentation will be based on a research project at Eindhoven University of Technology (2008-2011) about the cultural history of car sound (design).