Today, I have paid another visit to Studio 9 in Munich. There, Christian Schimmöller, Werner Bleisteiner and I have done the final editing of our binaural radio drama about the history of Kunstkopf recording that we recorded last November.

We did the final cut of the radio drama “The Splendors and Miseries of Kunstkopf-Stereophony”; and I am still deeply impressed by Christian’s editing skills; sometimes he seemed to edit faster than I could listen to a particular scene or take.


Sound engineer Christian Schimmöller in action.

Christian was even able to cut out an excessive “s” in Paul Plampers (his name is Paul Plamper!) without actually cutting because that would have ruined the auditory integrity of the scene. He used iZotope RX5 audio editor (see image below) to visualize and delete the unwanted “s”.


The highlighted area is the excessive “s” in Plampers.

In addition, we edited one of the scenes that we had recorded with different recording technologies so that we can now do a direct comparison of this part. And, indeed, even the two 3D versions sound quite different. We will present this material for the first time at the upcoming workshop “Histories and Practices of Multi-Channel Sound Reproduction” and I hope to soon also present it on my blog.

Finally, we also did the final cut of the scene from Goethe’s Faust that we had recorded with Hans Peter Hallwachs and Stephan Wurfbaum. I am looking forward to also present this material on my blog sometime soonish – stay tuned.